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Sun dial clock on shield disc «Zit»
In the auditorium of the old city hall

Sun dial clock at the Heilig-Kreuz-Cathedral


507-745 m, population 26 000.

The oldest city of Baden-Württemberg is picturesquely located above the steep bank of the still young river Neckar in between the Black Forest and the Swabian mountains. Rottweil, not only famous for its Alemannic Carnival and the dog breeds named "Rottweiler”, Rottweil is truly a most beautiful little city of charming scenery.

Sun dial clock made of stone at Heilig-Kreuz-Cathedral

Sun dial clock on shield disc «Zit» in the auditorium of the old city hall

Sun dial clock at the city archive, Engelgasse 13

Salt clock inside the Salt Museum
Tower clock, 18th century from Frittlingen near Rottweil. Secondary use on the salt mine Wilhelmshall – restored and made to operate in 1997, to be seen during opening hours at the Salt Museum.
Additional sights worth seeing:
Dominican Museum (pictures made of wood of the late Gothic and Roman empire), City museum ("Fasnetstüble”) (Carnival room), Roman bath, medieval city center with towers, Lorenz Chapel (Museum for the art of stone masons) the salt museum, salt water and adventure pool ‘Aquasol’, museum for dolls and toys.

D-78628 Rottweil
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