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No. 778 M - 55 cm
Musical cuckoo clock
with moving squirrels and clock carrier, solid wood,
guaranteed hand carved.

No. 927/4 M- 28 cm
Black Forest house cuckoo clock
with music, moving animals and chimney sweep, solid wood,
guaranteed hand carved.

No. 192/8RM - 95 cm
Special cuckoo clock with
especially deep carving,
8-day mechanism
with music and dancing figurines,
everything of solid wood and
guaranteed hand carved,
figurines hand painted.

Clock manufacturing HUBERT HERR, Triberg

Exhibition and sales room showing assembly, manufacturing and carving of a cuckoo clock.
Mo. - Fr. 8.00 - 12.00 hr and 14.00 - 16.00 hr
Groups upon agreement. info@HubertHerr.de

Clock factory HUBERT HERR
Hauptstrasse 8
D-78098 Triberg / Schwarzwald
phone +49-(0)7722 / 4268
fax +49-(0)7722 / 5927